Born 1988, Edinburgh, United Kingdom


Edinburgh College of Art; BA (hons) Painting. 2009-2011
Edinburgh College of Art; BA (hons) Landscape Architecture. 2007-2008
Edinburgh Telford College; BTEC Art and Design. 2006-2007

Artist Statement

Rhona Campbell is a Scottish painter currently residing in the East End of Glasgow. She began her art training at Telford college which led on to studying at Edinburgh College of Art; gaining a BA(Hons) in Painting.

‘Art school was a chance for me to experiment in different styles and mediums and gave me the time to establish what works best for me. I work from photographs, found or deliberately staged, allowing the paintings to grow out of themselves through layering of bold colours and texture, areas of space, and intricate detail.

From an early age I have had a love of the outdoors. Every summer Mum and Dad would tour me around the highlands of Scotland. The vast transient skies and the intense colours and movement of light gawped at along these journeys have left a huge impact on me producing an idealistic romantic artist who wants to paint and travel.

After graduating I went on a bit of an adventure myself, visiting various countries; in particular America and New Zealand having had the biggest affect on me. I have come back with a collection of images and memories which are influencing my work at present.’